Page content is messed up


My page content runs outside of the main area in my default pages (not front page). It happens on two of my sites.


Yeah, that’s because you’re not using the front page and the FP widgets like you should. You should at least assign the Front Page template to your home page.


On some of the pages that are messing up I’m using other widgets than yours along with the default page template. Can I not do that. Am I then limited to my content being on my homepage and blog page because those are the only pages that work correctly.


It’s not that you’re limited, it’s just that is how the theme works in order to provide the best experience in most cases.

But why do you need to use text widgets on those pages? You can simply add your content from the page editor and everything will look great.

Another solution (if you’re not using other widgets on the front page other than those marked with FP) would be to add this to a custom CSS plugin:

.panel.widget {
   width: 100% !important;


do you have a WYSIWYG text editor for use with inside page builder you recommend