Page content appears fine when logged in on Wordpress

I’m having an issue with adding a page to an existing site. When I first added the page, I was able to view it fine while logged into Wordpress, but when I logged out and viewed the page, I noticed that all of the page content disappeared. I tried on different browsers and the page content was gone on any browser that I looked at if I wasn’t logged in to Wordpress.

I tried changing the name of the page, and that almost worked. After doing this, the image I wanted on the page appeared along with some of the text that was supposed to be on the page, but I have been unable to get the page to update to the way I have it when logged in.

Another issue is that the old page which I deleted from the menu as well as from the dashboard keeps re-appearing on my main navigation menu and I have been unable to get rid of it. This issue also only happens when I am not logged in to Wordpress

The website is:

The page that I created where the information will not update or show all of the information is:

The page that I would like to delete but I can’t get it to go away is:

I tried to deactivate the plugins and reactivate them as the instructions said, but this has not worked for me.

Any help you could give me to fix this would be great!


Hello there,

I am sorry to hear the trouble you are having.

Could you please try to temporarily switch to the default WordPress theme like Twenty Sixteen and check whether the issues still persist?


Hi Kharis,

Thank you for your quick response.
I’ll get back to working on this site later in the week. I will try to switch the theme to see if this fixes the problem.


Hi Kharis,

I checked this morning and the problem was fixed and the site appears correctly as it does when i’m logged in to Wordpress. Apparently I just had to wait and the problem fixed itself. I will try your suggestion to switch the theme if I have any issues with this in the future.

Thanks for your help!