Page Builders that play nice with Moesia Pro?


I’ve been building a site with Page Builder by Site Origin (which I like) but I’ve found I really need to be able to set custom row ID’s which PB doesn’t do. I’m looking for another page builder, can anyone recommend any that work properly with the Moesia Pro for building the frontpage? Free or paid doesn’t matter.



We haven’t tested with anything else. The thing is that the widgets that are part of Moesia need the Page Builder. Most paid page builders have their own modules.

How about this for a workaround: drop a text widget on top of every row and add an empty div in it with the ID you want? Something like <div id=“something”></div>. After that you can share your link and we can make sure those extra text widgets don’t take up any space with a bit of custom CSS? This, of course, assuming that the reason you need the IDs is to link them from the menu.

Hi Vlad,

Thanks for the timely response. Yes I thought of doing something like that, I was hoping for a better solution as I know other page builders allow for custom ID’s. It’s for links in the menu as well as links within the page to the contact widget at the bottom.

Here’s a link to the page we’ll work on:

You can go to the base URL where I’ve hard coded the ID’s for links, but now they want me to have multiple instrument-specific pages (for SEO), the template for which will be at the link above.

I’ve added the text widgets with appropriate id’s, and yes due to padding the empty widgets take up a fair amount of space. Can you please assist with the CSS for this?

Thank you

This would do it for that specific page:

#panel-377-3-0-0 {
      padding: 0 !important;
      margin: 0 !important;

If you want to do it for other pages that follow the structure you built, you just need to replace 377 with the ID of that page.

Wow that was quick!

I see what you did there, again I was hoping avoid coding specific ID’s but I will if I have to. Alternatively, do you know of a way to add a class to those div’s via PB? I’ve tried and can’t seem to manage to do it.

Thanks again

Yeap, that would also work. Click on Edit for the widgets you want and see the Attributes tab.

Yes I tried that, PB seems to actually create a new child <div class='panel-widget-style'> instead of just changing the class name. Likewise for when you add classes at the Row level.

Regardless, I think I can make this work now with class names. Thanks very much for your help.