Page builder widget usage in Edit Blog Page?

Hi, is it possible to use the Page Builder in the Edit Page of the Blog page?

For instance I have my homepage or “Front page displays” set on “Your latest posts”.

But when I go into the edit page for the Blog Page there doesn’t seem to be very many options at all, in fact none that I can see.

All I really want to do is add a simple widget such as the SiteOrigin Editor widget, which I am able to do with the Screen Options, but it doesn’t do anything and it doesn’t become part of the Blog page where the posts are located at.

Is there a way to add anything at all or any widgets to the Blog Page where the posts are located? Thanks in advance, I really enjoy the theme so far.

Ok look here is my link as it stands now.

I’ve reworded the issue better here.

As you can see the home page is set up to display the blog page.
On the “Edit Blog Page” I placed a SiteOrigin Editor Widget with some content in it.

The problem is that I want the content contained in that SiteOrigin Widget Editor to be displayed either above or below the content on the Home Page in which the blog posts are displayed.

Is there any way to accomplish this fairly easily? There must be some sort of simplistic solution to this, if there isn’t I’m going to be forced to just find another theme that I can work with a lot easier.

I don’t think it would require very much coding, just give some simple instructions like maybe a one coder or something and I could do it myself, or I could give you admin rights temporarily or something, because I would really love to solve this. Thanks in advance.

Hello there,

You should enable static front page instead.

Please checkout this documentation (in case you missed it) which explains how to compose a site homepage with page builder.


Hi, well as usual I’ve changed everything. I am indeed using the static front page, and I am basically using a page as a front page, similar to the blog layout.

All I need to do is make the mobile view width wider and more fuller to fit across the ENTIRE width of a mobile device. I am using an iPhone 6s+ for viewing on mobile cell. This is also the “Moesia Theme”.

If you look on the let’s say the moesia demo theme “blog” on a iPhone or something similar you’ll see that there is some margin space around the entire length of the page as it’s scrolled down. I want to get rid of this extra margin that is on both sides.

Or another way to explain this is if the mobile screen is double tapped then this zooms up on the content and makes it fit across the entire width of the mobile screen, this is how I want the web page to be upon arrival to the site, sorta like a default.

Also I don’t want it to be able to move back and forth, or from side to side once zoomed, which I think once zoomed it won’t do that anyways.

So in a nutshell, I just want it to be a solid, non movable, full screen width page. So far the only CSS I’ve added to the customization is

/Prevents Shrinking from Phone Flip/
overflow-x: hidden;

I have an image on the very bottom that sticks out to the side if the phone is flipped, but at least everything else stays the same, I will remove the image if I have to. Thanks in advance! I appreciate the theme very much!

Hi, I know you guys are busy and I know it takes a while to get back to us. So I thought I would try to get another message in while I could. Here is the markup I am using to accomplish the above mentioned.

/Regal Assets Underlined Links/
a.underline:link {text-decoration:underline;}

/Gold Title on Home Page Only/
.home .entry-title {
color: #f7cc44 ;

/Prevents Shrinking from Phone Flip/
overflow-x: hidden;

/Make Wider on Mobile Screen/
.container {
margin-right: auto;
margin-left: auto;
padding-left: 5px;
padding-right: 5px;

.top-bar {
padding-left: 10px;
padding-right: 10px;

/Resizing of Content and SideBar Widget/
@media (min-width: 1200px) {
.home .container, .page .container {
width: 1290px !important;

.home .content-area, .page .content-area {
width: 790px !important;

.home .widget-area, .page .widget-area {
width: 340px !important;

Is this close what you would have done? There is one more thing, and it’s quite bugging. I am using the Moesia theme, and I can not make the blog appear like the front page and other pages, the front page is just a page. What class or ID do I need to make that happen? I have tried .blog and it doesn’t work. What do I use for the blog? Thank you again, sorry for posting so much, I’m seriously not trying to.