Page Builder Widget Header Color

I’m using page builder:

  • I added a row
  • I added the ‘arbitrary text’ widget and gave it a title and some content.

But no matter what I do- I can’t change the header text color from grey to something else.

Please may I ask for some help :slight_smile:


If you tried to change color from customizer and you figured out that you can’t, that is normal. You can only style Theme widgets in this way. It can certainly be done with custom css but you have to post your page link for us to be more precise.

Try with this custom css and change color value to your liking if your page is not live. You can use simple custom css plugin to apply the code.

.home .widget_text h3.widget-title {
  color: #ccc888;

Best regards

This is already resolved in a different topic :slight_smile: