Page Builder Tab gone only on home page

I’ve been using Page Builder on AThemes’ “Sydney” theme with no issues. Today, the PB tab disappeared on my home page. It’s still visible and usable on other pages. What’s really strange is that the code from PB is there but the text is invisible. You can only see it when you “select all”. See screen shot:

I only have a few plugins downloaded and I only have the essential ones activated.

Also, when I try to browse the revisions, I get the “This page isn’t working…currently unable to handles this request…error 500” message.

I’m using WordPress v4.9.4 and AThemes Sydney Theme v1.43. Plugins are all up to date.

Help please! Thanks!

I was able to copy the content from the “text” tab, create a new page, and paste the code into it. So, I’ve got my site working but the Page Builder tab still just disappeared one day on my original page.

Hello there,

In the page editor panel of your home page, expand the Screen Options in the top right side and see if the Page Builder option is checked.