Page builder questions

just adding some more content to my home page via page builder :

  1. If i’m adding a text widgets how do I change the font sizes/add headings etc? No option to do so and don’t want to make a radio change site wide from the customisation button. Just want to be able to design this text block.
  2. Adding an Image row - doesn’t go to full width/responsive etc. How do I do this

Generally would you say Sydney is suited to users with a basic knowledge of WP? iked the theme as it seemed set up for easy customisation with all the important stuff included, but on test-driving doesn’t seem that way and needs alot of fiddling/knowledge for basic stuff. Grateful for your opinion before I buy pro - don’t have time to spend ages working everything out.

Many thanks

Well, it’s a business theme meant for business sites. You can’t set up such a site in minutes.
How about you go to our documentation page and import the demo content and you’ll see after that if Sydney is what you’re after?

Thanks didn’t realise I could do that. Not expecting to set up in minutes (!), but didn’t want to have to create all blocks etc from scratch. Could you let me know about my two specific page builder questions, or is that covered by importing your settings?
Many thanks

The full width image thing is in our demo content, it’s also covered in the documentation. If there isn’t an option that handles something, you can always change it with some custom CSS added either in the page builder or if it’s necessary in a custom CSS plugin.
Basically you’ll add font-size: 18px; in the widget’s custom CSS if you want to alter the font size just for that widget.

Ok, many thanks