Page builder option is not showing up when adjusting the front page



I have my site built using the moesia theme. However, i want to adjust the front page adding more information but the page builder icon is not showing up.

On another site, this icon is showing up when i click->page->home (front page) ->There i have the option: visual / tekst / page builder. When i select page builder i can adjust the front page.

SO the problem is that the page builder option is not showing up and teherefore i am unable to adjust the front page by adding more information. How is it possible and how can i resolve it?

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I’m just going to ask the obvious, is the Page Builder installed and activated? If it is it should show up there. If not perhaps the Page Builder plugin is conflicting with another plugin.


Hello Vlad,

Thanks for your reply. Of course i have activated the plugin :slight_smile: I have figured out that this plugin is not compatible with all in one Seo plugin. When i deactive this plugin, page builder is showing up. I think i have to search for another seo plugin.

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