Page builder not as default for existing front page

I created a page using your theme at

The front page was created in the page builder. Now then I try to access editing the front page it goes to text editing or tinymce, not the builder tab. And when I change it to builderit asks me if I want to migrate all that I have to builder, cramming it into one row and one widget. And breaking the page. So at this point I cannot change anything on the main page.

Please help.

Best regards,

Witam anna, good to see a polish person :slight_smile: you can find documentation about front page and page builder options with video explainations from here

let me know if your problem wont be solved.

Hi Oren,
I worked with demo, started from it even and then changed some tabs to suit me, so that I would get to know the page builder. But suddenly yesterday morning when I opened Front Page/Strona Główna on my page to change some fact numbers it opened in the normal Wordpress tab, not the page builder. Like this:

And when I try to click page builder to open the page as Page Builder then it asks me if I want to migrate the data from the visual editor to the Page Builder. If I say yes - it creates one row with one widget and everything in it. If I say no - it opens a clean page builder site with NOTHING. If I save without going to page builder (so in the Visual Wordpress mode of TinyMCE) the site is just chaos, nothing looks like the Intro front page;).

I am not sure how to tell the page it should start the work in Page Builder. In the meantime I create a new page, went into Page Builder, added a row, a widget, a picture in it. Saved it. Closed. Opened again and it opened properly in page builder.

Second test was: I cleared the “front page” page, went into page builder and reacreated everything. Saved it, looked fine. Edited it (without closing), looked fine. Closed it. Opened again - opens in visual.

Do you know what can be the problem here? I am not motivated now to create a new page, recreate the front page on it and move the front page to it, because I am afraid that again it will fail and all my work will be undone.

Best regards,

Hi, Thanks for detaily explaination.

Can you try to go text editor and save the code you have there? So you wont lose your page design and then you can create new page named as homepage after paste the code from text editor and click to page builder. Also be sure you open one page only one browser tab

Lets see if it works.

Now everything I save anywhere just goes to visual editor TinyMCE and if I save again in that editor I lose any Page Builder changes.


  1. Created a new page.
  2. Switched it to Page editor
  3. Added a row
  4. Added a widget
  5. Saved it, page refreshes.
  6. Page opens in visual editor view for Wordpress. Not page builder. Again no changes can be done because second save just breaks the page and I cannot switch to page builder because it does not migrate well from the visual editor.

You cannot help me? This one is not resolved.:frowning: