Page Builder: no live Editor button on the Admin bar


I have just downloaded your Sydney theme and activated the two pluging you recommended.
I have problem in setting the main page with Page Builder because there are no live Editor button on the Admin bar.
I have checked on the Page Builder setting: the Live Editor Quick Link is enabled.
If I can’t edit the Main Page block this awesome theme is not useful for me.
Please can you help me?
Thank you in advance

Hello there,

Please share the working login credentials to your site admin area, so I can take a closer look? Please send it to and mention the link to this thread.


I have a similar problem. I bought and installed Sydney Pro, along with the sample content. But when I try to use Page Builder’s Live Editor, with your content, it does not work. Rather, after the grey bar finishes, all I see is a bouncing red ball, no live view of anything. I uninstalled all other plugins, with no change. I also verified that the Live Editor is enabled. So I contacted WordOrigin, the makers of Page Builder. They created a test page, and found the same problem. The problem is only with Sydney theme,so they suggested I contact you. Please help–I can send you login info, and the test page they set up. Thanks

@Gurudev Khalsa


The problem isn’t actually with the Sydney theme, it’s because some of the widgets that show the full content (services, testimonials or any other 3rd party widgets from various plugins that show full content) will break the Live Editor because of some filters used by the Page Builder plugin.
I’ve let them know about this and hopefully they can change those filters. If not, we can take a different approach in our widgets and fix it on our end.

Was a solution ever found for this? I just did a fresh wordpress install and the only thing I have installed is the sydney theme. the only plugins I have installed are the ones need for the theme. I don’t have an edit button on my admin bar.

Hello there,

I can confirm that it has been resolved. Ensure you are running the latest versions of theme, plugins, and WordPress.