Page Builder custom handles for the design tab of the widgets "defaulting"

Hello there,
First and foremost, thanks for creating such a great and flexible theme.
Now to the matter at hand. I have no idea when these custom handles were implemented, I refer to “Custom Alignment”, “Widget title color” and “Headings color”, but they are defaulting to preassigned values and messing up with my own CSS and the ability to responsively change the alignment of elements because of the width of the window.
By using child themes, I prefer to manage all styles through my own CSS, therefore I have no use for those handles. Moreover, in a complicated project as the one I’m working on, this would make a nightmare to change values to all heading and titles color by asking me to go and change them one by one; while with the CSS requires a single line modification.
While I understand that some user could find those handy to use, I don’t understand why they are not simply set to an empty value. That would let the users decide if they want to use them or not. By having them assigned to a default value, every time I open a widget, and there is not a previous value, they automatically save the default one.
Same with the alignment, but here is even less practical. If I implement a responsive design where the alignment changes because of the width of the screen, I am screwed. There is no option to address this situation.
I had to modify the page-builder.php file to address the problem, by adding a “None” option to the handles and making it default.

It would be nice if you can revert to a situation where the handles have no default values and the custom alignment should have a “none” option.


Hello Marco,

As far as I know that options were added for people that are not able to do it with CSS, and I think that it’s majority of users.

Let me help you to resolve your issues, let’s start with widget titles.

You can change the color of all widget titles at once with something like this:

.widget-title {
    color: blue !important;

Please provide more details about your other issues in order to let me help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman,
thanks for replying and yes, in the CSS I was already controlling the colors with a rule as the one you wrote. If that was the solution then I wouldn’t have had the problem in first place :slight_smile:
Problem is that the handle adds the color in the style tag, and that solution overwrites any rule in CSS.

here is an example (an heading tag, but it’s the same):
<h2 style=“text-align: center; color: rgb(68, 63, 63);”>B VERSION Control Panel</h2>

not to mention that also when changing it to the needed color, each time the widget was reopened it was changing the color back to the default one.

As I mentioned, the only solution has been to go and change the page-builder.php file in the inc folder of the theme.


Sorry, I didn’t mention I am not happy to use the !important tag in the rules declaration.
It creates a layer of complication which I’m not fond of, meaning it introduces a “stiffness” to the CSS rules.
I just would be happy if the handles weren’t defaulting to a specific value. Otherwise, I’ll just keep modifying the page-builder.php file each time the theme will update.


Hello Marco,

I asked our Developer to check this issue.

In my opinion !important keyword should be avoided when creating theme or plugin (because of the reason you mentioned above), but I think that it’s totally fine for your own edits.

Kind Regards, Roman.