Page Builder blocks out CSS

Hi all,

Don’t know whether this should be directed at page builder support or Sydney pro support but I’m using page builder (as recommended ) with Sydney pro and it after editing a page, particularly one with a layout applied to a row it will refuse to load the custom css for H6 and will not apply the specified colour instead using the default black

being used

h6 {
    color: #F95F22; !important
    padding-bottom:20px; !important
    padding-top: 200px; !important


Getting a bit desperate since site is about to go live next week
Thanks heaps
(love the theme!)

Hello there,

Your code contains bugs. It should be like this:

h6 {
  color: #F95F22 !important;
  padding-bottom: 20px !important;
  padding-top: 200px !important;

Where did you insert the H6 tag? I don’t find it on your homepage. Did you want to change the default color of the widget titles which read News, Events, Compass, etc. on your homepage? If so, use this CSS slector instead:

.panel-grid-cell .widget-title {
  color: #F95F22 !important