Page Builder and SEO

Hi again!

I have one simple question. Do search engines see a difference in texts written just by normal text editor and written by using a page builder widget? Does it change up anything in the page code making it more likely to affect search results in e.g. Google by using one or another?


Regards, Jacob


Not really. The only difference between text written in a regular post and text written in a widget would be the markup.

Thank you :slight_smile: That’s a good news!

Have a nice day!

Hi, I’m using the Yoast SEO plugin with West Pro theme and Yoast doesn’t recognise any text I include in widgets like the testimonials slider - I had to re-enter all my testimonials on the page for the wordcount to be included by Yoast, so I’ve doubled up my content and it looks bad. Similarly, Yoast doesn’t recognise photos in sliders; only photos directly in the page. I’m getting frustrated! Can you please help? Here’s an example of the testimonials page: