Page Anchors #?

Is it possible to create page anchors for a one page layout? For example, I’d like to add a menu item to link to a specific row in the page builder but I’m not sure how to do this. The call to action button on the slider links to #primary, which I guess is automatically the first row below the slider?

Edit: I figured out how to do it from another post in a different theme’s forum, However, it is possible to change the anchor name somewhere from #pg-39-1 to something more meaningful like #videos? If not it’s ok too.

Nope, those are generated from the Page Builder plugin and it’s not possible to change them.

That would be very nice feature… to be able to specify the name of the anchor link as part of the row’s attributes. Apart from looking better it would also save updating links as you move things around.

This could be easily achieved with other plug-ins. Remember using one named something like Easy Smooth Scroll on an other site and worked perfectly. basically adding an anchor short-code and linking to it in menu custom links.

Nice one! I couldn’t find anything but obviously didn’t look hard enough. The nice thing about the #pg-xx-x anchors is that they are placed at the start of the row. When you use this plugin the anchor is at the start of the content so the headings roll off screen. The plugin has an offset but it doesn’t work for me, however managed to work around it… so thanks again.