Page 1 with category 1 and page 2 with category 2 (blog)

Hello. I allow myself to contact you because it has been several hours that I seek the solution without success. With the Sydney theme, I wish with a page 1 with only the articles of a category 1 and a page 2, I wish to have only the articles of a category 2. Concerning page 1 (with category 1), I Wishes for a classic blog presentation but with page 2 (with category 2), I would like to have a presentation in the form of a block (3 articles by width) with each photo below the title and below all Of the article, or just a part with a “read more” button. Thank you for your help !!! ?

Hello there,

There is archive link already. For example Doesn’t it work for you?


Thank you for your prompt response. How can I access this page on my site please? Also, will this method allow me to have a page with a category 1 and a second page with a category 2? Finally, you do not answer: would it be possible that the articles appear to 3 by width please?