Padding when on mobile devices

Hello guys,

I bought Sydney pro, but inside the panel control I cant find “Padding when on mobile devices” in the right column. There is just “Padding widget” for computer vision.

I hope you can help me to understand why

Hello Giorgio,

Please make sure that you are editing a row (not widget within row), expand Layout section, and scroll down to find Mobile Padding option.

You can edit row after clicking wrench icon. Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman,

I can’t send a screenshot but I will try to explain.
For example:
I built a row with inside a layout builder.
When I’m in, in the right side, I can find:

  • Style of widget
  • Caractheristics
  • Layout
  • Design

In “layout” with sorry, I just can find the normal padding [ 0 ][ 0 ][ 0 ][ 0 ]
but not for mobile.

This is my problem :confused:

Giorgio Brinchi

Hello Giorgio,

It looks like you still edit widget, not row. Please make sure that you are editing a row. You can edit row after clicking wrench icon.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Good morning Roman,

To try to understand my problem, I built a little webpage in my website:
In this page I insert two screenshot explaining my problem.

In the first screenshot you can see, on the right side that I have the possibility to edith mobile.

In the second screenshot (is another website but always with sydney template) the opportunity doesn’t existe.

So my question is: to have this possibility Have I to activate something?

Thank you for your reply,

Hello Giorgio,

Please try to click this wrench icon:

Then follow the steps that I mentioned above.

Kind Regards, Roman.