Padding under header, above first pagebuilder row

On regular pages (not homepage) I’m getting a large gap underneath my header image, above the first row of my SiteOrigin pagebuilder row. How can I eliminate this? There is also a large white space after the last row, above the small footer text.

You can assign the Front Page template for secondary pages too if you’re building them with rows.

Ok. I was hoping to use the Featured Header Image - Wide template so that I could have a unique header image for each page. Is it possible to use the row builder on this template, but have it formatted like the front page template which doesn’t have the strange gaps?

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

definitely a problem that needs resolving it sure hell works on the demo

I have the same question, is there any solution to this issue?

I am also having this issue.