Padding in between widgets

On the first row of my homepage >>, I have two widgets: Site Origin Editor and SydneyFP: Call to Action.

Though they are the same row, I’d like to reduce the empty space between the two. I am not sure how to do this- I’ve tried reducing padding, but it’s not working well enough. Is there a code? Thank you!

Just checking your site and I think you already has set the padding for the panel? please go to edit your page > edit widget > widget styles > attribute > then change padding: 40px; to padding: 40px 0 1px; in the css style field

Hi! That is not working for me. Is there more to the code? ie,

.roll-button {
padding: 40px 0 1px !important;

^^fyi, I’ve tried that and it does not work either.

Hi sorry for the delay…
But no, just change the css rule above please…

Thank you for being so thorough- I have tried that and it is still not working. Any idea what might be causing the issue?

Hmmm it so strange, can you create new admin creadentials and send it to awanrimbawan101 at gmail? Hope I can help you further

Will do- Thank you! :slight_smile:

Okay, done!

you can check the changes in widget styles > attribute for both of the widgets.
Also, you can remove my account on your site if its already solved :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, Awan! You are so helpful!! :slight_smile: