Padding between elements


Recently migrated the site across to Sydney and loving the look.

However, am battling to deal with the spaces between elements on each page.
I.e. space below the header slider, spaces between rows (created with Page Builder), spaces between widgets on the right sidebar etc.

Have tried setting all the padding values to different amounts with no change.

Any ideas?



Looks like you managed to change the padding between rows?
If you want an easy way to reduce the space after the slider you can use this (or you can use the front page template):

.page-wrap {
       padding-top: 30px;

Note that negative padding doesn’t exist, I see you’ve set it for some of your widgets.

Hi Vlad

Thanks for the quick reply.

I copied that code into the stylesheet with no results. Still a large gap between the Header Slider and the Header Image.

Is there a specific location for it? Must it replace existing code? Tried changing the padding-top: px value.

Thanks for the help (very new to this!)


Using the front page template works to take away the space on the front page (Thanks!) but there is no sidebar so it doesn’t work for the other pages with widgets.

Is there a way to add the sidebar to the frontpage template or to remove the white space below the header image on the other page?


Sorry, I meant you should use that code in a custom CSS plugin. Adding it in the style.css plugin will result in losing it when the theme updates and as you noticed, it’s not in the right place anyway.

Brilliant! Thank you so much for the quick, helpful assistance.