Padding around widgets has changed without being edited


My website is

At present, it’s not looking right - I opened it up today, and somehow, without me editing it, the padding around some of my widgets (put together in PageBuilder) has changed, without me editing the site. As you can imagine, I was quite shocked to see this - so I went into PageBuilder to check the spacings hadn’t been changed. Oddly, they’re as they should be - so the values in the editor aren’t what’s being displayed on my homepage.

My Homepage is currently displaying as below:

The settings for the parallax image container (which holds the header and text body) is as follows:

The settings for the header image:

The settings for the text body:

Can anyone help? This is extremely strange as, again, it used to be spaced properly and I haven’t edited it - and the visuals are very important to the design of the website.

Hello James,

This topic is already marked as Resolved.

Can you please confirm that you solved your issue?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

I resolved the issue by duplicating and editing parts of the widget arrangement which hadn’t been distorted (just because it was quicker) - might still be worth looking into though as I’m sure it could happen to someone else too.



Okay James, have a nice day!

Kind Regards, Roman.