Padding and white space between widgets


on my page I have a full-width homepage.
All the widgets on this page should not have any padding betwwen each other.
Unfortunately some of them - mainly those at the bottom still have a padding.

When I investigate the code of the fully loaded page I can also seem some elements that cause the problem but I cannot figgure out what I have set up wrong.

Can you please point me in the right direction?

Before and below this widget is too much padding: Ketopia lässt dich dein Wunschgewicht erreichen (with the womans pic)

Before: Was kostet Ketopia?

and before the call to action + the button at the bottom.

Thank you already guys for your help.



I just checking your site, I am not sure what cause it, did you put your own css code within the widget row styles?

anyway, here is the css code to reduce the padding of your widgets:

  • Ketopia lässt dich dein Wunschgewicht erreichen
div#pg-33-2 .perth-stretch {
    padding-top: 25px !important;
    padding-bottom: 25px !important;
  • Before: Was kostet Ketopia
div#pgc-w560ea72caf968-0-0 {
    margin-top: 65px;
  • before the call to action + the button at the bottom
div#pg-33-5 .perth-stretch {
    padding-top: 5px !important;

Hi! How can I reduce the space between the widgets and make all pictures the same size please?

Problem solved, thanks

Try to apply the following code on your custom.css

thanks boss. My Problem solved. My site : You can help me optimation ? ^^