Owl carousel width with single employee

I have a site with only a single employee (defined correctly in the widget panel) in a full-width row, modified to include some excerpt text in addition to the other employee fields, but the owl carousel script is dynamically creating the width of the “owl-item” div as half the “owl-wrapper” div, so the employee text/image ends up a narrow, centered column instead of filling the wrapper width (wrapper is 740px, employee entry item is 370px). Is this by design? I rummaged though the carousel js and could not see where the half-width is being calculated, but any advice on how to force a single employee entry to fill the full wrapper width would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello there,

Yes, it is designed like so. You should add the following custom CSS code to enlarge the .owl-item.

.roll-team .owl-item{
  width: 100% !important; 

You can add it through the Simple Custom CSS plugin or child theme’s style.css.


Thanks Kharis, but it doesn’t seem to work… perhaps because the main style sheet is loaded before the “owl-item” element style is written by the script? (I’m adding it directly to the theme’s main style.css file… not using a child theme)

Is your site being cached by a plugin like W3 Total Cache? If so, please empty all cache and try again.