Outdated websites @athemes.com

Hey there,

we just noted at least three outdated websites at athemes.com. We could have posted this to Rocked Pro and West Pro, too, but we had to decide for one…

Rocked Pro:

Version shown at website: 1.16, additionally the last version’s date is missing here as it is shown on others theme’s websites
True latest version: 1.19

West Pro:

Version shown at website: 1.24, date of the last version probably outdated, too
True latest version: 1.27

Perth Pro:

Version shown at website: 1.23, date of the last version probably outdated, too
True latest version: 1.25

For us it is important to see the real last version dates of a theme to decide whether this theme seems to be actively maintained or seems to get or is already retired…

So could you please update these websites to the last version numbers and release dates?

Thank you very much,

Hi there,

The themes you mention are currently updated only when needed. So there is no ongoing maintenance or improvement plan for them. I’m hoping this will change if we manage to switch them to Elementor.

As for the latest versions, we should probably implement a way to pick up the latest version automatically and display it to avoid showing older version numbers.


Hey Vlad,

thanks very much for coming back to us!

Last question we have with Rocked Pro, West Pro and Perth Pro: You write, that you have no ongoing maintenance plan for them but that you update them currently “when needed”.

Does that mean that we can safely go on using these themes, since you would patch them when there is an incompatibility with a new WordPress version or a security flaw?

It is no problem for us when these themes don’t get new functions or so, but it must be secure and stable to go on using them in the visible future, so it would be nice if you could answer this question to us.

Have a nice weekend,


Yes, that’s what I mean. No new features (at least until we convert them to Elementor - which is not 100% will happen). We just update them if something goes wrong or is foreseeable that something will go wrong.

May I ask why not go with Sydney Pro or Airi Pro for now? We’re releasing 9 new demos for Sydney Pro next week and starting from April we plan on having a quicker demo release cycle so, in theory, there’s nothing Perth, Rocked or West can offer you that Sydney or Airi can’t.


Hey vlad,

of course you may. We mainly asked for these three themes because we already use them in many WordPress installations. So we ask ourselves if we have to prepare to replace them now or in the nearer future which is always work we would rather like to invest in other issues.

Many greetings,

  • doffine