OUR WORK - Widget missing?


I´m searching for the “Our Work” Widget as displayed in the Demo. It seems that it is not part of the supplied “intro:*” Widgets or is it?



It’s there, it’s called Portfolio and it’s Jetpack-based.


I´m sorry, I´m new to wordpress.
Do I have to install Jetpack as a Plugin or how does it work?

The “Portfolio Widget” just offers me to define a title

Yeap, you install Jetpack and you activate the Custom Content module. Then you add your portfolio items in Jetpack and use that widget which automatically shows your portfolio items that you’ve built with Jetpack.

Got It, thanks!

Great Theme btw.

Hello i was trying to Dl the jet pack plug in but got this

Destination folder already exists. /home/rockit0327/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/

Plugin install failed.

what can i do?