Our Work Gallery

Hi there! Love the theme and style of it all. Works great with my cake business. You may check it out at www.butterlustph.com.

Was hoping to put in a gallery type to show off my work. Hoping to do exactly like the ‘OUR WORK’ section from the Sydney demo. AND would also like to know how to do the ‘WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT OUR COMPANY? CURIOUS WHAT ELSE WE DO? with button on side’.

Can someone please give me instructions how to do this as I’m not sure where to begin.


Check the documentation please to get the plugin we made for Sydney which handles the portfolio part. You can also go here to check the backend and see how we’ve set up the front page rows: http://www.themecloud.io/demo/44

Hi Vlad! thanks so much. i totally missed importing the demo and jumped on to making my own. i should find it easier to customize now.

is there a way for me to input an image instead of an icon for the blocks?

Don’t know what blocks you’re referring to, but if you mean the services, no, you can’t.

Hi Vlad! I’ve already downloaded the plugin for the masonry posts. I see the shortcode on the ‘Our Work’ area. However, Ive deleted my old photos and uploaded new ones.

How do i get to show these photos in the masonry gallery?