Order of the services


I love this new theme and I’m rebuilding my site and its taking minutes which had never happened before! I only have a question. Is there a way to order the services in the service widget? or is there a way to pick and choose which services are shown and which are not.

I would like to use the services widget in different places with different offerings but can’t seem to make “subgroups”

Thanks in advance!


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  1. You can change the date or use this plugin to rearrange them.
  2. You can add a category in the service editor, then add the widget multiple times and specify the category slug for each of the widgets (there’s a field in it).

I can’t find where to specify the category in the Widget. Could you tell me where it is exactly?

Found it! I was using the wrong service widget (type A)

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The category field is in both Service widgets.

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I found that confusing in the beginning and I had the services repeated over and over again (the website is https://www.ON.marketing) and I didn’t realize because I created the website in a hurry. At the end this post was the solution to this rather embarrassing situation, thank you very much for this!

What I learnt from this though is that the idea of creating “type A” and “type B” services is a bit confusing, doesn’t communicate the mechanism behind this very clearly (IMHO).