Order and background of services


Hi Vlad,
I have to more questions about the services widget. First how to change the order? Means the order how the services appear on the screen, at the moment the latest comes at first…
Second question how to set different backgrounds? Check out this page: http://advakite.com/advanced-kite-camps/

I use the service widget twice and I gave each widget an idividual background. The strange thing is that just the background of the last services widget is shown in both.

Thanks for your help!



You can change the post date to change the order. You can also use this plugin to change the order with drag and drop, but I’m not sure it’s worth using since you don’t have that many.

The background image option is the first we implemented and that’s how it goes, it sets the same image for all sections of the same type. Since then we implemented a new one which you can see in the video here: https://athemes.com/documentation/moesia/#rows


great. thx, it works.