Optimum image sizes


Love you Sydney theme, which I have used on http://frederictonhoteldirectory.info
Can you please tell me … what is the optimum file size and dimensions for the scrolling 5 images on the home page?

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Doesn’t really matter that much, whatever you find satisfactory in terms of quality/size ratio. The images will stretch to full screen anyway. The default ones are 1920x1275. You don’t need to use images this big, but anyway make sure you compress them with kraken.io so you can get a smaller size.

Thank you for that Vlad. Can you tell me … what is the size of the current 1920×1275 image? It seems to load relatively quick but I am wondering how big the image is … specifically I am wondering what KB size to try to aim towards?
Many thanks! Mike :slight_smile:

The images are around 260KB each.
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Hey Vlad,

Should I use 300 dpi images, or is that is that a waste and really I should only get 72 dpi images anyways? Or should I start with 300 dpi and then use kraken to compress?

If you had the choice of these 4 sizes, which one would you recommend to get the max quality but smallest file size:

Small 500 x 333 17.6 cm x 11.7 cm (72dpi) 183 KB
Medium 1000 x 667 8.5 cm x 5.6 cm (300dpi) 681 KB
Large 3275 x 2184 27.7 cm x 18.5 cm (300dpi) 5.2 MB
Supersize 6550 x 4368 55.5 cm x 37.0 cm (300dpi) approx. 18.5 MB

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This is really up to you and how you feel that your website is loading. Please note that we are doing theme support here :slight_smile:
But I wouldn’t use large/supersize under any circumstance.