Open Projects in a Lightbox


Is it possible to get the projects plugin to open the projects in a lightbox? I have an example on my website but the problem is that this plugin is not passing the google mobile check and the projects plugin from the sydney theme does.

So I like to use that one instead.

Thanks very much


No, I’m afraid that’s not possible. Try searching for a different plugin or post a link to your site, maybe the issue with the plugin you’re using now is really obvious and we can help.

Hello Vlad,

Thanks for the quick answer, Sorr I forgot the link.

If I check my site on google webmasters it says that links are to close to each other and the content width is to big.

If I deactivate the portfolio plugin on my site everything is fine. So there must be something with the width and overall size in the plugin that causes the mobile check to fail.

It would be great if you would have a look.

That plugin is clearly mobile friendly. Do a quick check on your robots.txt file from the Webmaster Tools. Also try disabling any SEO/robots.txt related plugins for a bit.

Ik ill give that a try.

I did the mobile check with the page of the nimble portfolio makers I get the same error and its not vialed from google.
you can test it here.

Its responsive and well displayed on mobile devices which is nice. But it`s not passing the test. So google will not index the site on mobile search results.

You should probably wait until tomorrow and retest. I’ve seen the test tool give wrong results, and after that correct results without any change. You should also open up a topic on the plugin’s support forum and let them know in case there is anything to fix.

Hey Vlad,
Oke thanks! I will do that and give feedback here incase somebody else want to use nimble portfolio.