Open linked logos for Partners in new window


I have set up several Partners on my site. Currently I have them all listed on one page with the full description showing (rather than just an excerpt). There is also a logo that clicks to the partner’s website. How can I get that page to open in a new window?

I added the TC Custom Javascript plugin and I tried Vlad’s snippet code from another thread and theme for doing this for Project pages, but it didn’t work when replacing project with partner. I was hopeful it would work :slight_smile:

jQuery(function($) {
$( ‘.roll-partner a’ ).attr( ‘target’,’_blank’ );

Do you have updated code? Thanks!

Hello there,

Please try this code:


  if( $('.dslc-partner').length ) {
    $('.dslc-partner a').attr('target', '_blank');


Brilliant! It worked. Closing the thread. :slight_smile: