Open Graph Meta Tags Issue

Hi Vlad!

Got an annoying issue: When I share my url on FB it gives me the choice of 3 images (links to pages on my home page) However, I want it to display the featured image (expected behaviour for me) Can you please advise how I can adjust the settings so that if you share the URL it shows the featured image or just one static image that I can upload?



Not really sure I follow. What URL are you sharing - single posts, homepage?
Are you using a plugin for your open graph info? is the URL I want to share (Home Page) - I am using the YOAST SEO plugin and have set it up with the logo, but apparently that is only when it can’t find an image it will use that as a replacement. Can you recommend a plugin that will work with this theme to override the standard behaviour regardless of images found? Or I can copy/paste necessary code into the header.php file (I have a child theme setup)

Cheers Vlad!

I rescraped your info using this: and now the logo should show instead of that Eindhoven image.
To be honest I don’t really understand what image you’re expecting to display.

Hi Vlad - Cheers :slight_smile: Although I just found a plugin which seems to work, but perhaps it’s because you did something. I want the WP Featured Image of each page to show as the OG Image.

Well, just remember that link and rescrape like I did earlier if this happens again when you make changes. FB doesn’t show the image based on your current settings, it shows the image it already has for that specific page.

Cheers Vlad - I had no idea and I’ve been looking for a good couple of hours! Indeed scraping was all that was needed :wink: Thanks again for awesome support!