Open AT Social Icons in new window?

I would it so that I can open my social media links create din the AT Social icons widget in a new window or tab so that the user is not diverted completely away from my site.

How can I do this?

Thanks for your help great themes

Hi J

you can do this by just adding target="_blank" to the anchor tag.

To do this you need to modify the file …/wp-content/themes/fashionistas/inc/widgets/widget-social-icons.php

Line number 144

which is

<li class="widget-si-<?php echo $athemes_widgets_name; ?>"><a href="<?php echo $athemes_widgets_field_value; ?>" title="<?php echo $athemes_widgets_title; ?>"><i class="ico-<?php echo $athemes_widgets_name; ?>"></i></a></li>


<li class="widget-si-<?php echo $athemes_widgets_name; ?>"><a href="<?php echo $athemes_widgets_field_value; ?>" title="<?php echo $athemes_widgets_title; ?>" target="_blank"><i class="ico-<?php echo $athemes_widgets_name; ?>"></i></a></li>

I would suggest you do this using a child theme and if it doesnt work, make the changes in the main theme but make a note of this so that after the theme is updated, you make this change again.


thank you so much worked a treat

how would i then do the same thing to the twitter, facebook & linkadin links under the user profile when the make a post

You are welcome.

can you share a link?

Thanks for your help I will share a link.

Is there also a way to do the same thing for the twitter link ndr the user profile at the bottom of posts?

Yes should be… Please share a link and we can take it from there