Opacity on page


Sorry for my poor english…
This is my website : http://guitarenco.fr with moesia pro

I would like add transparency (0.8 ?) on page or blocks to have a better view of background (one image on each page)

Is it possible ?!?

Thanks a lot for your help !


wrong forum… i use moesia PRO… sorry !

Hi again,

You could do it with some custom CSS.
Install a custom CSS plugin please and add this:

.page.page-template-page_fullwidth .panel-grid {
      background-color: transparent;
.hentry .post-content,
.single .hentry,
.page .hentry {
      background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8);

You’ll also have to remove the white background you’ve set from the widget options for your secondary pages.

Thanks for yout help, i’ll try… and tell you :slight_smile:

Vlad, you are THE MASTER !!!
one minute and that’s work fine !!!
Thank you very much !

Vlad, how would you go about making a Widget like the “My Projects” on in Moesia Pro have a transparent background, or for that matter to be opaque?


i have a similar question. I’m using moesia pro and am trying to avoid setting a background image for each row on my front page. i’ve added Vlad’s suggested CSS but there is no change to my background.

Hi websightsinc@gmail.com,

Please open a new topic on Moesia Pro Forum, so we can help you there.

Best Regards,