"oops that page can't be found" - customize this page


Do you know how I can customize the “Oops! That page can’t be found.” page? It currently lists a search box, recent posts, most used categories, archives, and tags. I would like to get rid of the most used categories and perhaps customize the message.


To fully customize it you’ll either need to override it from a child theme or easier you can use a plugin. If you do a search you’ll notice there are a few available.

I just tried 404Page and Forty Four - 404 Plugin, neither work. Shoot.

I tested this one as it seems to be the most popular and it seems to work without issues: https://wordpress.org/plugins/404page/

I just selected a page, left the other settings to their defaults and that’s it.

Thanks…yeah I did try that one. I must have a plugin interacting with it as it didn’t work for me.

Marking as resolved because I just kept it the way it was, but am curious to know why that plugin didn’t work for my site. Another time :slight_smile: