Only One Testimonial?

I discovered that the pro version of Elementor is required to have multiple testimonials. It seems like they could simply tell you that up front, but they don’t.

Hello there,


Here is Testimonials element’s setting of sliding testimonials as seen on the demo. We can create unlimited items with the “Add Item” button. This feature isn’t limited only for Pro; free one has it as well.

If you got difficulties replicating the demo’s front page layout, I’d recommend you do automatic demo import. The detailed instructions can be read here:


That’s correct. I purchased the pro version and it works well. I would like to make the text left justified but have the picture and their name and title in the middle, but I guess I cannot have everything. I was also able to make the pictures large enough. I have since changed the subject of this post. I now have a serious problem with being able to design my other pages.