Only 2 products are displaying per page on shop page

I woke up today and now only 2 products are displaying per page on the shop front page?

any idea how to fix this, it used to show 8

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You can manage them from “Products per row” and “Rows per page” options under the Customize menu > WooCommerce > Product Catalog.

You may need to flush cache after the settings updated. Otherwise, you’ll see cached version of your site on your web browser.

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Unfortunately it appears these options are not available with this theme, changing products per row also changes nothing besides the spacing of the 2 items. Also I don’t believe I am using any caching on my site, any other ideas?


Also, this is theme specific. Changing themes does not result in this issue.

Appeared to be a conflict with the plugin Woolentor, fixed by adding a number to
WooLentor > Settings > WooCommerce Template > Product Limit > 8

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