Only 2 employees

Hi Vlad.

For the moment the business I manage the website for only employ two people.
Where can I manage in the CSS a 2 column style in place of 3?
I saw there was a link with the style of the services, didn’t wanted to mess with your work.

Thanks in advance,


What exactly do you want to achieve? To center the two employees or to make them 50% each?


I would like to make them 50% each, sorry not to precise.
They would benefit of a greater image and shorter text length.

Thank you,


All you need is this:

.employee {
   width: 50%;

And if you plan to keep it 50-50 and add more employees at some point, add this too to stop the clearing:

.employee:nth-of-type(3n+1) {
    clear: none;


Thank you for your help along the project.

The website is online @ .

I wanted to share the result :wink:



We also bundled a premium shortcodes plugin in the last update, you might want to check if there’s anything there that you would like to use. Some of the shortcodes can be seen here.

Awsome, that helps me, too. Thank you.

But: I see that names etc are aligned center of the container, but not the image. Can we do that, too?

Yeap. Add this too please:

.employee-photo {
   display: block;
   margin: 0 auto;

works, thank you

Hi Vlad,

I almost finished fine-tuning the website but I would like to apply a last improvement.

On my mainpage : how can I add the same “action” that your “check it out” button on your demo page here :

I mean the auto-scroll !

Thks in advance,



I just added the ID #site-navigation in the button URL field.

One more thing for both of you. After you update to the 1.27 version you’re going to need to add this instead of the employee code I first gave:

.employees-area .employee {
	width: 49.5%;

Some changes were made to center the services and employees columns so the modification above is needed.

Thks Vlad, so simple as that :wink:

Would it be possible to put an icon instead of text?
I’m thinking about this :


Not directly because it doesn’t allow HTML.
But you can do add some CSS like this:

.welcome-button {
    text-indent: -9999em;
    position: relative;
.welcome-button::before {
    text-indent: 0;
    position: absolute;
    font-family: Fontawesome;
    content: '\f078';
    left: 0;
    width: 100%;

Just make sure you have some text in the button to make it show up.

Thx for everything.

I’ll apply your method for the child-theme setting and I’ll update your theme a little bit later.