One skill in the Skills widget not shown correctly

Hello again,

I’ve added 3 more Skills on top of the defualt 4 skills to the Skills widget. However, for some reason the name of 6th one get mixed with the percentage. I tried to change the order, also renamed it but it doesn’t change anything. It’s always only 6th one. If I leave 5, it’s also fine. I don’t see that I did anything wrong in the php file. Could I kindly ask you to give me a hint where the problem could actually be?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Hello Jirka,

Please check the widget settings and ensure the 6th skill’s value isn’t 0.



actually that’s the tricky thing behind. I forgot about this part. In the widget, I fill all the fields in. When I save it and check it live, the change is reflected but always the same way (meaning up to 5th it is fine, 7th is fine as well, but the 6th one is screwe up), and the last two fields in the widget are emptied again as on hte pic.

Now I’ve entered GA and GA2 - both with 80 but the same problem occurs.


Hello there,

By default there are only four skills. Did you edit the theme’s widget file? I guess there’s something missing in there.



yes, sure, as mentioned I added three more skills. I edited the skills-widget.php file. It indeed seems like something is missing, also to me, but I didn’t find it.
Anyway, I deleted the 6th in the whole .php file and I did it again from the beginning. It is correct now. I don’t know what I was doing wrong since I indeed tried to rewrite it already before, yet I was still getting the same error, that’s why I decided to reach out to you.
Well, it’s seems to be fine now…

Thank you anyway for your help!