One page

Thanks for this gorgeous theme!
I don’t know why i can’t fix it, but i just dont’t get the one page.
What are the details for “read” in the dashboard?
I have created some services, but nothing appears on the home page.
What am i doing wrong?

Can you help me please?



Have a look at the documentation please. I would be happy to answer if you have any specific questions after reading the documentation.

I did… hundreds of time…

That’s why i’m so confused. I think i have done everything i suppose to, like written in the documentation. But still… not working properly.

Please post a link to your website so I can see what’s wrong. We plan on turning the documentation into short video guides for better understanding, I agree that it can be confusing.

It appears you didn’t set a page as static. You can do that from Customize > Static Front Page. The page you choose as static also needs to have the Front Page template assigned to it. Please do that and we’ll see afterwards if there is anything else needed.

I arranged it… but when i want to add blocks in ‘Home’ = front page, i get an error (page can’t be displayed). So how can i make one page?

Please make a screenshot of your error. You’re probably not doing something right, you can make your front page by adding the blocks there, which definitely works.

I just sent the screen shots…

Where exactly?

by mail

Do you have any idea what i am doing wrong?

Nope, I haven’t received those screenshots. Not sure where you sent them but my address is vlad[at] You can also make a temporary admin account for me if you want me to do a quick config for you.