One of my pages doesn't have the same font


I recently changed my body font for Roboto (100) but at first I tried 300, and then opted for Roboto (100). The thing is all the pages are on Robot 100, but my contact page is stuck on Roboto 300, which make the font a little bit thicker.

For the moment my website if offline but I have pictures, and maybe I made a mistake while writing it in the personalized font specific area of the theme?

I tried a few times to clear my cache. No success. I tried to rewrite the text one the contact page, no success. To rewrite it as « paragraph », no success. I looked for indication, I don’t find anything.

Can you help me?!



Can you please provide a link to your website when it’s live? I don’t think that this issue can be resolved without ability to check the page itself.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Sorry I wrote on the other board too, I didn’t know your interacted with both and I realized I didn’t know where I posted my question first!

I will find a way to provide a link to my website. Later after I asked my question, I realized that I changed the font too in the Site Origin Contact Form that I use the said contact page, for fields and the field titles, for… Roboto 300. I decided to verify if it could be the reason, so I switched it for Roboto 100. It has changed the font on my page too! Why the font on my form would affect the font on my page? They are on the same row, but obviously two different widgets are used.

For the moment I will leave it as that, it’s working, but it’s a first for me. Before, I had no problem with it.

Okay, feel free to create a new topic if you need more help. I’ll close this topic.

Kind Regards, Roman.