One License - two Websites


i boght Sydney Pro an I have a question.

I am hosting two sides for my photography business, one for Portfolio and one for photography workshops on two different domains.

Is it allowed to use the one Sydney Pro License on both or do i need to buy another one.


I have the same question… I purchased all 6 themes and noticed that it said unlimited sites but when i tried to use the key twice the customization panel dropped out. Could some please explain how i can use perth pro (or the other themes) across more of my sites.


@blendenwerkstatt: Yes, you can use the same license on as many sites as you need.

@jeff laskey: The same key can be used twice or more times. Could you please explain exactly what happened? Not sure what you mean by customization panel dropped out

Vlad, I had the key entered into two sites and both “customize” features are open. On one site i would click the tabs under customize and the section would go blank.

i quit the other open site and it one went back to normal.

have not had the problem since. thanks for the quick reply

Great, happy to hear the issue is gone. It’s safe to say it wasn’t caused by the license though as it has nothing to do with the customizer. Probably a plugin caused this.