One image and title in header slider

is it posible to do one image and title in header slider(without moving)?

Hi, you should use child theme for this kind of changes since changes will be lost on every theme update regardless of how small they are.

To stop slider text you can apply custom css code below for example with simple custom css plugin:

.slide-text {
    margin-left: 0 !important;

For stopping the slider you have to edit theme folder > js > main.min.js file. This is minified file, open it with plain text editor or code editor and search for this code:
replace play:4e3 with play:false

And that’s it :slight_smile:

Thanks whith it - i stoped the slider image but i don’t understand in which place of style.css i need to use:
.slide-text {
margin-left: 0 !important;

Just place it on separate line, or you can apply it with simple custom css plugin.

Thanks a lot. Now it works as i wanted. it’s the best theme.

You’re welcome, you can write a review if you feel like it, reviews are always appreciated :slight_smile:

Where i can find theme folder > js > main.min.js file ?

you need to go to your file manager and after /wp-content/themes/sydney/js/main.min.js

Akodkin , where i can find file manager?


Hi, from your hosting cpanel you will find file manager. Also you can use FTP file manager like FileZilla and configure it with parameters from your hosting provider.

cool thanks!

I want to do the same thing, use a full screen image with the big headline over it, but without the slide changing. To the original poster, did you do the child theme thing? Was that very difficult?

@mdc2957: you just need to wait for the next version. We’ve added an option the stop the slider so you can use it with only one image.

Ah ok, very nice, I will wait for the new version. I’m new to Wordpress, not a code person and just discovered page builders and these template-like sites so I’m hoping I’ll be able to create something on my own.