One click demo import had errors and sections not displaying properly

Hi Roman

Before I go and try to manually create things that are meant to be part of an import, do you have any other suggestions for me to try to get the import to work as it’s meant to?

I’d much prefer to fix the issue rather than spend time manually creating things.


Hi again Roman

I installed Astrid on a completely different WP site and did the import and had the same thing happen.

Is it reasonable to conclude now that there is a problem with the import file?



  1. It’s not possible for your site to have all the sections set up when you activate the theme because that’s not allowed over at If you had a theme that did this, it was breaking the rules.
  2. You can ignore failed to import product_type, that just shows up because you didn’t have Woocommerce installed and the demo content was exported with Woocommerce active. It doesn’t mean anything.
  3. We did our best to make it compatible but Astrid is not the ideal theme to work with the one click demo import thing because its builds the content with widget areas rather than using a third party plugin. I guess that’s why it fails for you, though I tested and re-tested and didn’t ran into any issues. So I’m sorry but there’s not much we can do here other than suggest you add your widgets manually.

Hi Vlad

Thanks for your reply. And thanks to Roman for his earlier help.

This theme has proven for too difficult to set up so I will go with another. A little ironic since it states “5 min setup” on the landing page of the demo site.