I was wondering if it was possible in Sydney Pro to put more than three pricing plans on one line?

I have found that no matter how wide my container is, the widget will always display the fourth pricing plan below the first three.

Cannot find the settings for this. Is there some CSS I can apply to achieve this effect?

Thank you,


You can reduce tables width in order to fit all 4 tables into one row. To change this site wide apply css code below:

.sydney-pricing-table {
    width: 24%;

and if you want to make change just on sponsors page then use code below instead:

body.page-id-604 .sydney-pricing-table {
    width: 24%;

You can apply the code from Appereance > Customize > Additional CSS field.

All the Best!

Worked like a charm! I have applied in a custom CSS plugin.
Thank you for such a speedy response.