Oldest projects doesn's show up


I’m using Sydney Theme Free (what an excellent theme btw) as my own portfolio.

Now I’m having an issue, oldest projects - from my portfolio section - does not show up. Only the ones with 2017 date is showing.

How can i make the oldest ones appears, at least from one or two categories.

Hope you can help me,

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

What number did you enter in the “Number of projects to show” of the Portfolio widget settings? Was it -1?


Hi Kharis,

No, I’ve set it to 10 because is the lenght I want it to show in portfolio section. There I have a button to go to a protfolio page where you can find all my projects.

However, I only have, for example, one website to show at my portfolio from 2015, and it does not show up even with the category tag there. :confused:

Try to set it to -1, please. So all project items will show up.



If I set it to -1 it will show all my projects (they’re more than 100). I only want to display on this section 10 projects.

I have a button which will lead you to my whole portfolio.