Odd window on wrong page

Hi there,
today, opening my site on the internal page ‘chi sono’ I had a bad surprise: the content was hidden by a window with blog titles.
It make my page useless and it’s odd to see and have.
How did this appear? How can I fix this?
I attach the link for you reference https://anitaponza.com/chi-sono-anita-ponza-copywriter-moda-lusso-accessori-e-design/
Thanks for your help

Hello Anita,

First thanks for using our theme!

The link you provided is returning “not found” page, so we couldn’t see the issue you mentioned.

When I check this page (CHI SONO - Anita Ponza), I can see the content of page not centered. You can fix that by removing the “margin: 0px;” from Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:


We hope this helps!

Let us know if you need further help.

Kind Regards,


aThemes Support

Thanks Rodrigo for your suggestion.
Actually the page is like this:

If I go on ‘modify’ the page the window with blog titles does not appear.
Do you have any other suggestion?