Number of slides

I would like to add more photos to the home page. Now the maximum number of slides is 5. Can you explain how to do that?
Thank you in advance! I love to use the Katori theme!
Kind regards,

Hi, I am sorry for the delay.

Proper way for this is to create child theme and then make changes, because on next theme update changes will be lost.

There are two files that must be modified customizer.php and slider.php (Folder katori > inc).

customizer.php contain part for adding images from admin section (find part which begins with //Slider//).

slider.php is responsible for displaying images on frontend (short file, you will see what you need to change).

If you are not comfortable with coding I can do that for you just tell me how many slider images you need?

Thank you for your response!
I will give it a try, although I’m not very experienced with coding…
An amount of 10 slides would be great.

Thanks and kind regards,

Yes I managed to make it work!
Is it also possible to let the page start with another picture each time (one of those ten?)
Thanks once more for your help!

Ok, here it is. I made changes for main files (10 slides).

Remember that if you overwrite them you will lose changes on next theme update, unless you use child theme.

No, sorry. Superslides don’t have that option. But you can check instructions for something else (katori > js > slides-init.js).

Thank you for your quick respond! I will have a look at your suggestion.

Kind regards,

Hey, solution to your question crossed my mind, it can be done with php. Here it is - random images each time :slight_smile:

Yes it works! You are superb :slight_smile:
Thank you very, very much!

Hi, just want to inform you that Katori v1.02 is now available. Amount of slides is set to 10 and there is a checkbox to display random slides :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! That’s a big improvement!
The funny thing now is, is that my site-title disappeared after the update…
Is that due to that update?
Hope to hear from you! Thank you in advance!

Changes made for v1.02 were slider related. On which site-title you mean? In v1.01 when you update logo (white birds on your page) site-title and tagline disappears as on V1.02.

Oh yes, now I remember…
I must have changed something in the original script before I made my child theme…
so I have to find out once more how to arrange that!
Thank you very much!

Mmmm…I can’t find it…can you help out?
I want my logo and site-title both visible…
Hope to hear from you!
Thank you very much :slight_smile:
All the best.

OK :slight_smile: , make changes to header.php as shown in picture. You should copy two selected lines above <?php else : ?> statement.

Or just first line because it is for title, second line is for description.

Yesss…that did it!
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
Now some work left to make it look nice again, size-wise.

Thanks and good night!