Number of images have doubled in the library

Hi there,
I hope you’re doing well today.

Recently I realized that the number of images have doubled : I mean each image is twice, which is a little mess and completely unnecessary.
The little thing is that one out of 2 has its alt tag empty, wether I delete this one or the other, the same happens : the image is then missing in its page or article.

I recently added the Autoptimize plug in, but then when desactivated or even deleted, there is now no difference.

What can be done about it please ?

Thanks a lot,

Hello there,

That’s not an issue with the theme. WordPress upload system works that way to produce custom sizes defined in the theme and keep the original image remains. To clean your site’s media library from unattached images, you could use Media Cleaner plugin:


Hi Kharis,
thanks for your quick response.
Unfortunately the plugin did not detect any trouble, and I have other websites (with other WP themes) that have not this issue.
Of course I do not accuse Sydney theme, but I need to have a clean library.
So what can we do please ?
Best regards