Notification menu above header menu

Great theme. I learned it without any issues. However, could you please teach me one more thing, I want to add a notification bar above the header menu. I installed plugin but when I active it it goes over the header menu but I want it on top of header menu. How can i do it?

Hi, can you post the URL of your site?


My website address is: I am working with currently.

I want one bar above header menu like this website:

for my website:

Please help me how to do this.

If you can not directly go to my website due to browsing issues, then I would request you to use to browse my website please.

Thank you very much

You said that you already install the plugin, but where is it? I don’t see it in your site.

Btw, what is the plugin you’ve install?

Sorry when I couldn’t sort out the issue, I deactivate. Now I active the plugin, I used : 8Degree Notification Bar.
If you see my website. right now then you will see the bar overlap my header menu which I of-course do not want.

Thank you very much

Can you try another plugin? because there is websites that installed the notification bar plugin also and worked well

Thank you very much for the answer. I tried 2 of them and searched in as well for many options, I was confused, then I came here to get support from you finally.
However, Do you have any suggestion please which plugin could work for me. I know it is not beyond to your support forum although I am requesting if you could help me. Thank you very much.

Maybe this plugin can help:

I installed this in the top, but it overlapped header menu bar? How can I give the header many bar a little down so that header menu is visible.

My website:

Please activate the plugin, I need to check it :slight_smile:

I active the plugin, Bye the way this is another plugin in called: Foobar as suggested.


Now, please add this css code below:

.site-header {
    top: 35px;

You are really great. Thank you so much. I applied and it works fine as I want.

I want to decrease my footer size and want to add floating bar right site of my site
my site is but I can not able to do that is their anyone can help me.

Hello @raselcpk,

Your question is not related with this thread, please create new thread for your question.


Thanks for sharing with me.

You are really great. Thank you so much

Me also facing the same issue, I also wanted to use notification menu avobe the head menu, you can visit my site to check whether it is possible or not.

These are my website list.

I am desperate looking for your answer.

Hi @GarrettNorris,

Thank you for posting your issue in here but looks like your both website are not using our theme.
Please contact your Wordpress theme provider for best answers.