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All pages on my website EXCEPT for my Home and Testimonial pages display the following message:

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It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

Not sure if it’s a permalink problem.

Last time I was able to set permalinks to default and back again to my desired structure and the error went away. But it seems to fix it for only a few days before it comes back again.

I also tried permanently deleting posts from the Trash and drafts and it also seemed to fix it for a few days only.

Site is

Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

Does this issue happen from the first time or just a sudden after particular circumstances? To check if there’s no issue with translation configuration, please try disabling your translation plugin.


Hello, Kharis

I disabled my translation plugin and it started working, I then activated it again and it was still working. (I currently have it deactivated)

Same happens when re-setting permalinks, it fixes it temporarily.

It happens suddenly even if I haven’t accessed WordPress at all.

I believe the problem is with configurations of your translation plugin. This broken permalink isn’t caused by theme’s code. You might want to verify it yourself by temporarily switching to other themes.


I will go ahead and try that. Thank you so much, Kharis!